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Here are a few highlights of events and activities the club has participated in over the past few years.

1997-1998 School Year
The Native American Cultural Society would like to thank all of the people who helped with the 1997 Wounded Knee Memorial held in the Jorgenson Gallery at the University. May our efforts honor the old ones.
We would also like to thank the staff of Jorgenson Auditorium and Voices of Native America for bringing attention to our club and helping to support Native American awareness.
For more information on the Voices tour contact Voices of Native America, featuring Douglas Spotted Eagle, Gayle Ross and Rob Greyhill and a cast of dancers.
7th Annual Light the Lodge Powwow
Bird Boy, the Story of a handicapped Native Child.: A play performed by Hartford Childrens Theatre

1998-1999 School Year
* Friday September 18, Schemitzun, feast of Green corn and dance we are leaving no later than 6:30 from R-lot. (Drivers wanted)
Pictures of Schemitzun: Schemitzun One Schemitzun Two Schemitzun Three

*Tuesday September 22nd, we are going to Willimantic to see Smoke Signals( a Native American movie) at approximately 6:45 from A-lot. Tickets cost $7.00 This will be instead of the meeting

*Thursday October 1st, We are going to Creamery Brook Bison Farm in Brooklyn, CT. We will meet in A-lot at 3pm.
Pictures of the Bufallo:Buffalo One Buffallo Two Buffalo Three

*Tuesday October 6th, Mission:Wolf in Ratcliffe-Hicks Arena at 7pm, a demonstration including two live TImberwolves to warn people against raising wolf and wolf crosses and to provide an overview of wolf behavior and their comeback from near extinction.Sponsored by CT Audobon Society.
Flyer Picture:Mission Wolf

*Sunday November 1st, Archeology day at UConn in the IMT building and we have been asked to participate.

*Ongoing clothing drive to benefit Cheyenne River Souix Reservation we will collect during office hours in 215A and across campus.

* 8th Annual Light the Lodge Powwow
, Sunday March 28, 1999 from 10-5 in Gampel Pavillion. Come enjoy singing, dancing, food and crafts provided by Natives from all over New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvannia.

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